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GlobalMeet® Webcast, formerly Talkpoint, is the global standard for live webcasting and video streaming for enterprise and Fortune™ 500 companies. The cloud-based SaaS webcast platform provides businesses with an easy-to-use, secure and scalable environment to produce high-profile, engaging webcasts for thousands of attendees worldwide.

Full-Featured Webcasting

Easy-to-use webcast platform complete with interactive engagement tools and full-blown audio-visual set-up​

HD Video Streaming

Flexible HD video streaming with zero network bandwidth interruption​

Broadcast Anywhere

Host webcasts and broadcast quality video to any size audience with unmatched global scalability.​

Transform Your Online Events

Take the stress out of your webcasts with our flexible event delivery that scales from self-service to fully managed support. Whether your need is for a global town hall, an investor meeting or a high-profile marketing or training event, GlobalMeet Webcast is built to transform your online event experience.

Town Hall Broadcasts

Investor Relations

Onboarding & Training

Marketing & Demand Creation

Corporate Communications

HR & Benefits

Take Your Web Events to the Next Level

With GlobalMeet Webcast, you can enhance audience engagement by allowing your attendees to interact with presenters via live Q&A, polling and social media feeds. Our webcasting software can help you produce professional, fully-branded webcasts that deliver an engaging and interactive user experience.

Robust Webcast Feature Functionality


Enterprise-Grade Security

Maintain network security with password protection, login authentication and limited audience access.


Seamless Integrations

Get more value out of GlobalMeet Webcasts by taking advantage of our integrations with CRM and marketing systems.

In-Event Branding

Showcase your brand by adding your logo, company colors and other visual elements to your events.

Audience Engagement

Engage your audience with interactive features including polling, Q&A and testing.​


Powerful Analytics

Measure success and improve future events with comprehensive reporting and analytics.


Cloud Recordings

Record webcasts and host them in the cloud with unlimited storage for on-demand viewing.

Want more product details? Download the GlobalMeet Webcast product sheet.

Integrate with CRM and Marketing Automation Platforms

With GlobalMeet Webcast, you can connect to virtually any CRM or marketing automation platform such as Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, Hubspot or Pardot.

High-Quality, Live Video Webcasting

Our partnership with Hive Streaming, a software-based video delivery solution, uses peer-to-peer-based technology and bandwidth already provisioned within an organization to deliver optimized, high-quality video.

Powerful Analytics

Understand your webcast audience engagement with comprehensive analytics and reporting. GlobalMeet Webcast software allows you to create customized reporting filters so that you can get the precise data needed to measure success.

White-Glove Event Services

Take all the stress out of your event with full event management from our experts including set up and customization, advanced training, event moderation and more. Take the challenge out of enterprise video streaming with our experts who are on-hand to help you setup and execute flawless streaming events.

High-Quality, Live Video Webcasting

What is a Webcast and How Does it Work?

A webcast is an enterprise-grade, online event that streams video, audio and visuals – such as slides – to large audiences across the world. Webcasts can vary greatly based on their overall scope and typically fall into two categories: managed and self-service. For a managed webcast, the service provider handles everything from logistics, filming, broadcasting and more while self-service webcasting offers individuals or businesses access to enterprise-grade webcasting, publishing, editing and analytics tools so they can host their own webcasts using their existing technology infrastructure.

What is the Difference Between a Webcast and Webinar?

Webcast or webinar? While many people often confuse these terms, there is a clear difference. When you need to broadcast to thousands of people, you need a robust and scalable platform like GlobalMeet Webcast to flawlessly stream your events. Or you’re looking to host a smaller online event, then GlobalMeet Webinar may be the solution for you.

4 Tips for Live Webcasts

Promote your webcast by creating an email and social media campaign a few weeks before your webcast takes place.

When you’re hosting an important event, don’t take any unnecessary chances. Use a pre-recorded video to guarantee your webcast is clear and concise.

Share visually dynamic content during your video presentation to support your key messaging and to keep your audience engaged.

Integrate with your CRM and marketing automation systems like Salesforce, Eloqua and Marketo to access webcast analytics into the systems you use most.

Best-In-Class Webcasting

Confidently deliver your most important events with GlobalMeet Webcast. Our white-glove webcasting services ensure that your webcasts run smoothly from beginning to end. When you are expecting a high profile audience or working with a set of executives that demand a flawless event, the award-winning GlobalMeet service and support team are on hand to manage every detail of your event. GlobalMeet Webcast helps you securely reach global audiences and enable multiple video feeds with highly customizable web events. 

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